Speed Networking (Part 1) & General Networking Mixer (Part 2)
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Long Island Business Networking
com hosts private Long Island speed networking events for Long Island business professionals in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.   We also hold private NYC Business Networking events in Manhattan.  If you would like to put together a fundraiser or private speed networking event, please contact us.


Why Speed Networking?

Have you ever been to a Long Island networking event where everyone ust gathers in groups with others that they already know?  You are left struggling on how to break into conversation.  Even worse is trying to move on from one conversation to the next without seeming rude.   

Our Long Island Speed Networking events solves these issues.   You will break out of your comfort zone and network with people who can be a great source of contacts for you, and vice versa.  Keep in mind that when you meet with someone, you are not only meeting with them, but potentially with everyone that they know. 

The events are very structured and each business networking session lasts approximately five minutes.  You will not get stuck in long unwanted conversations trying to figure out how to escape.   These events bring Long Island businesses together.  Most participants will be from small to medium size businesses from different parts of Long Island and may be members of various Long Island Chamber of Commerce divisions, BNI Long Island Association, or LeTip.


How the Long Island Business networking events work

Businesses from different parts of Long Island (both Nassau, Suffolk and Queens) will attend.  We limit the business networking events to no more than two people per industry.  You will have up to 20 face to face networking sessions in a two hour time frame, each session lasting about 5 minutes. 

The idea behind the mini speed meet sessions to to give  you a little time to try to establish a rapport with someone.  You will learn about their business and they will learn about yours.  The main goal is to determine who you would like to network with further.  It is not about trying to make a quick sale.  Perhaps you know someone who can help them, and they may know someone who is a great contact for you!   

After each round, the organizer will give you about a minute to write some notes on the person you just met and then one party will rotate to the next station and the process begins again.  (You will be provided with a notes card containing all participants contact information and a space to take notes).   

A maximum of 26 people are included at each event.  This way you get to meet everyone who has attended.   

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What is Traditional Networking?

How To Sell In Today's Tough Markets - Sales Closing GuideLong Island Business Networking is about building a relationship with someone over time, earning their trust, and sharing ideas and contacts with each other.  It is a process that takes time and can not happen over night.  Business Networking is reciprocal in nature meaning that the goal is to create a win win process for both parties.  As Lucy Rosen from the Business Development Group points out, "You have to give to get."

  So how do you network?  It is simply about talking to people and trying to help them.  In turn, they will want to help you.

Please Contact us at (516) 908-9638 or (718) 757-6933 if you have any further questions. 

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